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Here you will be transported into my Unicorn World, where, somewhere deep inside the recesses of my wanting and believing Soul, they Exist. . .

Like a lot of little girls in love with Ponies, my infatuation matured into bigger Horses. All along, Unicorns and Pegasus tagged along, tugging at my heart-strings. They were included in that developing passion that remains to this day.

A word of caution!!! This site is voluminous and extremely graphic-extensive, so loading time may be an issue if you're in a hurry. Because this Unicorn site is so huge, you have actually been transported to a Website I had to create outside of and separate from the Rainbow Walkers WebSite. Throughout this section, you will be be able to navigate within this Site or go back to Rainbow Walkers.

You will probably have to bookmark this section and come back because it's too much to see at one time.

Please note that much of the Artwork is a mirage of my private collection over the years, plus Artwork borrowed from public domain sites. If the artists have any objection to their work being displayed at this site, please let me know.

Vanilla, my Unicorn

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