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"The most awe-inspiring thing about him was the slender spiral horn rising from the center of his forehead." -from Guinevere by Sharan Newman

Final Ascent

you ask

what oozed from your Soul
when the end had finally come?

i saw a view of sacred pansies
against that backdrop

of Battle-Life

swimming in wounded Red

i fell
though as gently

as God lifts
the Wing of a dying Dove

in his heavenly breath

not wanting to believe
but then submerged in Clouds
so did a Unicorn appear
offering his back

to ride
and i mounted him

and we passed swiftly through rainbows
and a great thunder of the past

and i saw, between a view of pansies

all the broken doves there ever were
all mended

i saw all broken hearts

i was spinning away from any Earth
i'd ever known
upon the back of a Unicorn
who brought me into Heaven

and there was delight in our Tears
that merged
as though we had wept as one in reborn Rapture


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