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"In the night, night passed down the street.... She felt the terror of it, the magic, and the impossibility that it should be there or that she should go to it. "What do you want?" But the unicorn only moved through the village like the wind, silent, without music. --Tanith Lee; Black Unicorn

"I was bathing in a lake when I saw the unicorn.... It is an injustice to say merely that its coat was white. Oh, it was white, all right, but it was more than that. It was a white like I remember the best vanilla ice cream, but finer and smoother. Sometimes the sun hit it just right and bright rainbow crescents fanned out like light through a fine spray of water. The hooves were mirror bright- platinum or silver, I couldn't tell. A distant lighthouse beacon on a lonely night, the spiral horn rose from the noble head: milky white, warm and welcoming.... Eyes full of life and intelligence. Eyes I could fall into. Lover's eyes.... As it moved, the mane shimmered on its muscular neck like a road on a hot day." --Steven R. Boyett; Ariel

"The people that see them share some of the unicorn's traits - they're lonely... with virtuous hearts." --from Ally McBeal

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