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"The unicorn is a lonely, solitary creature that symbolizes hope." --from Ally McBeal

Time Traveler


alone in a space
where nothing but

the wind calls its name
somewhat sadly even

like a recognition in the black
of restless night

listening to tortured Souls
clashing to touch it

but it lives unfelt

disbursing long enough
encounter further

separate Sorrows

in this Life
that it travels

the unicorn never hears its name
except in mistaken Thunder

in wrenching, stormy passing

a sound so raw in its aching
so poignantly profound

that when it answers back
nothing is there to hear it Echo

nothing acknowledges its answer on the
lips of frozen wind

carried through space and time
a Voice known perhaps once

in another Era of its Weeping

in search still

of its own
silent Cry.


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