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When God created the earth,
he made a river which flowed from the Garden of Eden....
Then God told Adam to name the animals....
And the first animal he named was the unicorn.
When the Lord heard the name Adam had spoken,
he reached down and touched the tip of the single
horn growing from the animals forehead.
From that moment on, the unicorn was elevated above other beasts.

I hope you enjoy my collection of Unicorn Art that I have enhanced plus the globes, Unicorn bars and navigation buttons that I have created. The Poetry, of course, I wrote as well, so please don't take it. I've thrown Pegasus in there too so I won't have to create a separate section for this mystical wonder as well. A word of warning to hunters: these Unicorns cannot be captured. . . only breathlessly admired from a safe distance. Tred softly . . . for Unicorns are shy, demure creatures.

The Dragon and the Unicorn

The Dragon spat his fire
   into the last of another of its Kind:
the Unicorn that wasted no Darkness
   once his own Light was abolished.

They lit the sky with their Fragrant Death
   and all who knew of Them and
had touched their fleeting shadows
   wept uncontrollably far beyond the Eons
could Erase such Wonders yet UnSeen . . .

   Eternity caught them and glistened upon
their Extinction for all
   Mankind to cradle them only
in that Land of Shattered, golden Dreams.

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