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Some things you have to believe to see -- Anonymous

Legacy of the Unicorn

born from the
of whispered

an outline
of shadowed
stealing infant dreams

splashed with a grandeur
of color and vigor
with firey
undaunted spirit...

so the Gods looked
upon the Unicorn

as a gift

a whimsical dance he was
across the clouds
inside of fragile rainbows

the Unicorn,

who fell to Earth
to gentle it

but then none believed

he was but a gift
humans never unwrapped

because they couldn't
even believe
in the goodness of each other

the heart of the Gods died a
little bit
when they called the
Unicorn back

because of the life he couldn't but back
into humankind

and yet the Unicorn was ever reluctant to
be taken away

So humanity never knew
what profundity they lost

until they began to believe
in the goodness
of themselves


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