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""I have forgotten that men cannot see Unicorns. If man
no longer know what they are looking at, there may be other Unicorns
in the world yet, unknown..."

--From The Last Unicorn

"Dreams are the playground of unicorns." --Unknown

Within a Unicorn Deep

Sleep visits us
Within a Unicorn deep.

Now the Moon may shift when a Wolf is Born
or a Sparrow may sing before it Dies

but the Earth stands still
when a Unicorn disappears
for within this Void
does our Soul reside.

He visits us deep
within our sleep
to soothe the wonder
of him we never knew.

The Sparrow shifts when a Moon is Born.
A Song dies before the Wolf.

The Earth disappears
When the Unicorn stands still.

Sleep visits us
Within a Unicorn deep.
All waking moments without him
left long to Weep. . .


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