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"All the songs of all the bards through all the ages of the world could not begin to express what the unicorn was."from The Black Unicorn by Tanith Lee

For Those Who Believe

for those who believe,

unicorns walk among us
  filtering through
those lost crevices of gossamar thought

watching Humans fall
and sometimes bleed
in their infant disbelief of themselves.

We are picked up
with invisible Hope
  that an existence other than our own
believes in Us . . .

and then we can begin to believe
in Unicorns.

They prance softly so as not
to intrude
upon such Mortal Breath

and so we are deaf to their song
inside of Winter's stolen stillness
left to weep inside of

Unicorns dream around us
and we awake, still wondering
what touched us

what enchanted us with the Firelight
of Love's last fleeting spiral across a virgin Sky

  their spirit wooing us to dance
one last time in moonlight's parting

If once we listened to the Wind
we would know that to believe
is to be alive once more
in dawn's last breath of yearning
and then we'd know how the Unicorn felt
when it was his time to be no more.

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