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"She will remember your heart when men are fairy tales in books written by rabbits." from the Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle

Silent Treatment

The wind answers
all what Humans fail to question.

In the quiet of the forest,
you can feel the unravellings
of wildflowers beginning to bloom
and hear stillness
in its crystal state of whisper.

When I was a child
I knew of a pond once
that viewed as Eden.

Her banks were laden with
scattered lillies and a myriad of unseen Life
and my childish eyes caught
the shadow of a
Unicorn dancing
beneath cloaks of Cypress Knees
left swaying.

I felt such peace there,
in this silent treatment
of nature Unfolding.

So my curiosity
searched for that Unicorn beyond
daydreams but feared that discovery would
erase its existence.

When I thought I failed,
I sat beside the pond's edge
listening to the songs of lizards replace
the nightmares that followed me.

And alas a Unicorn appeared
and his gentle eyes erased my tears.
I blinked, 'are you real?' i asked faintly across
a border of flowers between us

and inside my heart he spoke -
he said 'as long as you believe
that for this silent treatment to survive
you must love the Butterfly enough to
hear, to listen, to it Scream.'


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